Which type of Flooring is best for Cow Comfort

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Which type of Flooring is best for Cow Comfort

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|| भूमि स्पर्श||

 Bhoomi meaning 'Mother Earth'

Generous mother who takes care of  all  creations.

SPARSH  meaning ' TOUCH ' 

Touch  of  Nourishment, Comfort, Care, Food

Water, Shelter, Success and Health.

Let's respect Mother Earth & with ancient wisdom make

best use of the rich resources of mother earth, the right away for cow care and Dairy Success.

Why it is important to know

which type of cow bedding

or Cow shed flooring is beneficial:

1. Wrong bedding/flooring  = Cow  health problems = Pain and Dairy loss 2. Comfortable cow shed bedding/flooring  = happy Cows =  more milk productivity 3. Healthy bedding/ flooring = longer Cow life = Dairy Success  & Profit Do not spend and make heavy investments on fancy cowshed flooring. Cow’s are not interested in fancy flooring.

Readers Review

Saket Jain

Saket Jain SEO -: Computer Craft, Bachelor of Information Technology (BIT), MP

KL is a very informative portal for the new comers who would like to venture into Commercial dairy farm or Gaushala with indigenous cow breed. I am really thankful to Krishna Leela portal for imparting valuable information & creating traditional values which seems to be vanished.

Vivek Anand

Vivek Anand MBA, Sales Manager, Punjab

For me Krishna Leela is like Amrut. I started my new dairy farm with gir cow & sahiwal cow. I selected the best cows with the help of Krishna Leela Gurukul.

Prateek Tiwari

Prateek Tiwari B.Tech, Bhopal ,MP

It's a very good platform to learn more about holy Cows. The way in which different aspects of dairy farming have been explained are practical and highly appreciated. I will love to explore KL gurukul as much as possible.

Anuj Gadadi

Anuj Gadadi M.tech in Master of Engineering Management, Karnataka

Krishna Leela is way more effective approach toward dairy farming. In today's world people have lost their path and have chosen the wrong path and practices. Its really wonderful effort to choose the old traditional practices to restore the mother nature's beauty.

Ajay Kedare

Ajay Kedare Creative Director with event management, Mumbai

Krishna Leela Gurukul is a must for any aspirant as well as established Dairy Farmer. An amazing blend of modern way of teaching and ancient vedic values KL Gurukul is a true gurukul.

Kaling Siram

Kaling Siram M.A in English Literature, Pasighat

It provides important knowledge about dairy farming specially who are newcomers.

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  1. It is great site which will help restore our vedic formulas with modern concept combination & help in growth of our desi cows

  2. Please provide your all infromation in hindi

    • Namaste Hitendra ji,

      KL welcomes you!

      We noted your suggestion and in near future KL may start separate section for hindi readers too.

      Best wishes,
      KL Team

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