First Golden Step to Successful Dairy Farming

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First Golden Step to Successful Dairy Farming

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First Golden Step to Successful Dairy Farming

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Saket Jain

Saket Jain SEO -: Computer Craft, Bachelor of Information Technology (BIT), MP

KL is a very informative portal for the new comers who would like to venture into Commercial dairy farm or Gaushala with indigenous cow breed. I am really thankful to Krishna Leela portal for imparting valuable information & creating traditional values which seems to be vanished.

Vivek Anand

Vivek Anand MBA, Sales Manager, Punjab

For me Krishna Leela is like Amrut. I started my new dairy farm with gir cow & sahiwal cow. I selected the best cows with the help of Krishna Leela Gurukul.

Prateek Tiwari

Prateek Tiwari B.Tech, Bhopal ,MP

It's a very good platform to learn more about holy Cows. The way in which different aspects of dairy farming have been explained are practical and highly appreciated. I will love to explore KL gurukul as much as possible.

Anuj Gadadi

Anuj Gadadi in Master of Engineering Management, Karnataka

Krishna Leela is way more effective approach toward dairy farming. In today's world people have lost their path and have chosen the wrong path and practices. Its really wonderful effort to choose the old traditional practices to restore the mother nature's beauty.

Ajay Kedare

Ajay Kedare Creative Director with event management, Mumbai

Krishna Leela Gurukul is a must for any aspirant as well as established Dairy Farmer. An amazing blend of modern way of teaching and ancient vedic values KL Gurukul is a true gurukul.

Kaling Siram

Kaling Siram M.A in English Literature, Pasighat

It provides important knowledge about dairy farming specially who are newcomers.

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  1. Krishna murthy: May 1, 2017 at 7:08 pm

    I love to know more about vedic cow farming

  2. I want to start vedic cow farming. I am unexperienced person for cow farming. I need team for the cow farm too.

  3. I want start cow farming at jodhpur rajasthan.
    Need more details abot cow farming

  4. sir

    want to start cow farming at Orissa .

    please advise

  5. Sir ,I’m a student from I’m interested to Star cow farming in my village but I don’t now about the base thinks of cows n don’t now anything cow , please suggest me.

  6. Ram Baban shinde: May 8, 2017 at 4:01 am

    Sir,I want to do 200 cows project , I hope that you can help me

    • || Namaste||
      KL Welcomes you!
      Please explore & various other courses on for basic exposure on dairy farming vedic way.

      Take Free atmadarshan course first before you start.

      You can chose free & paid course as per your requirements.

      Best wishes
      KL Team

  7. I find this kind of training is very important for all who love cows, who are all having cows and who are all intend to protect cows with proper know how about the cow farming in Gurkul system. In this I want to take part to enlighten more in bringing cows with at most care to the welfare of the country and for the wellness of the cows. Thanks

    • || Namaste||
      KL Welcomes you!
      Thanks for your appreciation.
      Yes, you are very right, simple natural vedic way is the best sustainable way.

      Good to know your views.

      Best wishes
      KL Team

  8. krishnamurthi Swaminathan: May 9, 2017 at 3:32 am

    I want learn more about vedio farming and practice

  9. Please post vastu details on rabbit farm. It ll help us alot and thank, I hope I ll get reply ASAP by you sir…

  10. I am from Kashmir (SRINAGAR)i want to start DAIRY business but i heave no knowledge. Who is best milky cow bread for SRINAGAR. Because here is different climate. In winter temperature is -3 to -6 in open area
    In summer temperature is 30 to 37
    Please tell me who is best milky bread for Kashmir

    • KL Welcomes You!
      As far as possible try to look for local breed like Sahiwal. One can find Sahiwal Breed in Punjab and some areas of Haryana state. Sahiwal Breed also having good milking capacity and adoptable to your local climate.
      For more details, kindly refer to KL unique awareness programme.
      Best wishes
      KL team

  11. I am from sidlaghatta, Karnatka…. Want to start diary farming….B. E and MBA is my qualification…. Pls tell more about this

  12. I need & looking for best desi cow like Gir for rearing in my backyard for my family need. Kindly help me in procuring one for my hometown Davanagere in Karnataka.

  13. I am planning to start a Diary farm in Coimbatore, To start with will be going with 20 cows (10 in a batch with interval of 6 months). Would like to have the details of shed layout and the breed of the cow that I should look for.

  14. I want to start gir cow dairy farm with 10-20 cow at starting and want to take it 150+ with in 3-4 years so plz tell me all details about cows and their management…!
    Jai shree Krishna

  15. This portal is really informative and I am really want to do dairy farming and I will enter in this next year in 2018 .

    • Namaste
      KL welcomes you!
      Thanks for your appreciation. Enjoy the ancient wisdom on diary practices.
      Best wishes
      KL Team

  16. KL team… Curiously waiting for your “coming soon” articles

  17. Hi team

    I wanted to start hf cow dairy farming but in your website not mentioned for hf cow only mention gir cow so could you please share for hf related documentation

  18. Nitin R.Gadhave: December 28, 2017 at 1:51 pm

    I want to advice 20 cows structure detail drowning for new setup at Maharashtra pune district

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