First Golden Step to Successful Dairy Farming

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First Golden Step to Successful Dairy Farming

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How to Start Dairy Farming in India?

Know the Vedic Way


Dairy farming in India as per experts & research analysts, is a high potential market estimated at more than Rs 5 TRILLION; Growing aggressively due to increase in consumer income, health & wellness awareness. Dairy farming has always been a consistent backbone of rural India supporting in their regular income generation. In today's time, many educated rural youths are showing active interest in starting dairy farming in India. There is a parallel, high interest in urban India, wherein many want to start dairy farming to escape from their hectic work lifestyle. And for many dairy farming is the best way to grace the later part of life after having achieved success at work & family life.

Dairy Farming basic guide for beginners

80% fail in dairy farming- Be cautious!

We do not want to demotivate you. But at the same time, it is important to know the truth, challenges & risks associated with a very promising dairy farming. Main reason behind such high failure in dairy farming startups is due to no earlier knowledge of dairy farming. With high passion & desire to achieve many just blindly jump into dairy farming & then face challenges. Being unprepared & without wisdom give up the beautiful journey of dairy farming.

Dairy Farming Project Report

Do not be in a Hurry; STOP!

Most of the time in a hurry one starts with looking for dairy farm project reports, what is the profit margin? what is the investment required to set up dairy farming? Where to buy cows? which breed of cows? etc etc....STOP! First Question yourself - Know yourself? Are you designed to face the dairy world challenges & be able to create successful dairy farming? Krishna Leela with years of research & close interaction with dairy farm starters, practitioners understanding the need of basic wisdom guide, presents a unique dairy farming eye-opener guide ||Atmadarshan||™. It is a must basic awareness program for people interested in dairy farming.




First Golden Step to Successful Dairy Farming

Want to start dairy farming in India?

Spare just 2 MINUTES of your precious time. Read through the below, before you start your dairy farm dream journey. Kindly be honest & true in your self-analysis.

||Atma Darshan||™

Know thyself

Answer the below questions.
  • You respect & adore cow as a beautiful creation & not as a machine
  • You have liking for nature, dairy  farm, animals & so  you want to start dairy business
  • You have a strong will power to work on the ground challenges
  • You are able to enable & engage farm Manpower/labour
  • You care about earth & all living creations
  • You like spending time at farm & with cows. You & your family feel proud of your dairy farming business


If yes is your answer, KL welcomes you!

Now you can join & enjoy the basic guide to Dairy farming in India.

Dairy Farming is STRICTLY  NOT FOR individuals as follows:

  • You want to start dairy business because you think it is highly profitable
  • You consider cow as a machine.
  • You are not bothered about the Nandi, male calves care.
  • You want to leave your existing job immediately to try dairy farming. "DO NOT LEAVE YOUR JOB!"
  • You want to borrow money without complete understanding & start dairy farm.
YES! If yes is your answer, Please we request you to reconsider your thoughts, maybe dairy & cow-care is not meant for you at this stage. Sorry! 01



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  1. Krishna murthy: May 1, 2017 at 7:08 pm

    I love to know more about vedic cow farming

  2. I want to start vedic cow farming. I am unexperienced person for cow farming. I need team for the cow farm too.

  3. I want start cow farming at jodhpur rajasthan.
    Need more details abot cow farming

  4. sir

    want to start cow farming at Orissa .

    please advise

  5. Sir ,I’m a student from I’m interested to Star cow farming in my village but I don’t now about the base thinks of cows n don’t now anything cow , please suggest me.

  6. Ram Baban shinde: May 8, 2017 at 4:01 am

    Sir,I want to do 200 cows project , I hope that you can help me

    • || Namaste||
      KL Welcomes you!
      Please explore & various other courses on for basic exposure on dairy farming vedic way.

      Take Free atmadarshan course first before you start.

      You can chose free & paid course as per your requirements.

      Best wishes
      KL Team

  7. I find this kind of training is very important for all who love cows, who are all having cows and who are all intend to protect cows with proper know how about the cow farming in Gurkul system. In this I want to take part to enlighten more in bringing cows with at most care to the welfare of the country and for the wellness of the cows. Thanks

    • || Namaste||
      KL Welcomes you!
      Thanks for your appreciation.
      Yes, you are very right, simple natural vedic way is the best sustainable way.

      Good to know your views.

      Best wishes
      KL Team

  8. krishnamurthi Swaminathan: May 9, 2017 at 3:32 am

    I want learn more about vedio farming and practice

  9. Please post vastu details on rabbit farm. It ll help us alot and thank, I hope I ll get reply ASAP by you sir…

  10. I am from Kashmir (SRINAGAR)i want to start DAIRY business but i heave no knowledge. Who is best milky cow bread for SRINAGAR. Because here is different climate. In winter temperature is -3 to -6 in open area
    In summer temperature is 30 to 37
    Please tell me who is best milky bread for Kashmir

    • KL Welcomes You!
      As far as possible try to look for local breed like Sahiwal. One can find Sahiwal Breed in Punjab and some areas of Haryana state. Sahiwal Breed also having good milking capacity and adoptable to your local climate.
      For more details, kindly refer to KL unique awareness programme.
      Best wishes
      KL team

  11. I am from sidlaghatta, Karnatka…. Want to start diary farming….B. E and MBA is my qualification…. Pls tell more about this

  12. I need & looking for best desi cow like Gir for rearing in my backyard for my family need. Kindly help me in procuring one for my hometown Davanagere in Karnataka.

  13. I am planning to start a Diary farm in Coimbatore, To start with will be going with 20 cows (10 in a batch with interval of 6 months). Would like to have the details of shed layout and the breed of the cow that I should look for.

  14. I want to start gir cow dairy farm with 10-20 cow at starting and want to take it 150+ with in 3-4 years so plz tell me all details about cows and their management…!
    Jai shree Krishna

  15. This portal is really informative and I am really want to do dairy farming and I will enter in this next year in 2018 .

    • Namaste
      KL welcomes you!
      Thanks for your appreciation. Enjoy the ancient wisdom on diary practices.
      Best wishes
      KL Team

  16. KL team… Curiously waiting for your “coming soon” articles

  17. Hi team

    I wanted to start hf cow dairy farming but in your website not mentioned for hf cow only mention gir cow so could you please share for hf related documentation

  18. Nitin R.Gadhave: December 28, 2017 at 1:51 pm

    I want to advice 20 cows structure detail drowning for new setup at Maharashtra pune district

  19. Hi. Is it possible if if i would want to source for 100%pure and natural gir cow ghee? Is it diffent from the normal commercial ghee?

    • Namaste Adrian Patrick
      KL welcomes you !
      Yes, it is possible to source Gir cow ghee.
      There are various Ghee brands available in the market & they come with different quality standards.

      KL Team

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