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KL brings you Golden Wisdom from the practices of world’s most successful Cow Care Specialist and Successful Dairy Practitioner – Lord Krishna

How to start dairy farming in India? Is dairy farming profitable?

I want a dairy farming business plan? I want dairy farming project report?

What is the cost of setting up a dairy farm in India?

At KL, we receive hundreds of emails regularly. Readers and members ask Various types of questions on Dairy Farming, Cost, Planning, Cowshed Construction, Cow selection etc…

Therefore, before you take a step into the beautiful and challenging World of dairy farming it is important to know the 3 sins which can destroy your dairy dream. Also, It is most important to know the one simple Golden truth behind successful dairy farming.

Now, Let’s hear the Story of Dairy Starter…

Laxman Juneja
MBA, Bank officer, Jabalpur

First Sin!

Dairy farming is NOT A MATHEMATICS.

Dairy farming is a SCIENCE and ART in SIMPLE FORM.

I am a MBA and have Worked in banking sector and wanted to start dairy farming. I had lots of passion towards cow and nature. I thought it would be one of the best ways to lead rest of my life amidst nature. So like many others, I got into a mathematical calculation.

I wanted to start with 25 cows so I met some of the cow breeders, I calculated the cost, negotiated and finally, I got a beautiful very attractive mathematical calculation.

25 Cows x 20 litres per day x 365 days = lots of PROFIT. 

25 cows will give 1 calf by next  1 year  = 50 cow dairy. 

Wow! the Magic figure, I was very happy.

REALITY ABOUT DAIRY FARMING: However, the reality was too harsh on me. All my 25 cows did not give 20 litres. I came to know later Cows do not yield milk for the entire year because they do get into the dry cycle. Some cows faced health challenges which resulted in low productivity. As a consequence, some cows did not calve. After a year in had 8 female calves & 12 male calves. 5 cows did not conceive/had difficulty in calving leading to complications.




Let’s Simplify our thoughts with reality, true wisdom so that our actions are based on reality. So that we are not carried away by complicated project report & business planning. Yes, it is definitely important and very much essential to have a basic planning and business project analysis. But they need to be based on wisdom, not on mere complicated mathematical projections.

Second Sin!


I Spent lots of money & took big loan on constructing modern Dairy farming  cattle shed. I Invested heavily on various small machineries, farm equipments etc finally led to lots of  stress.

REALITY ABOUT DAIRY FARMING: After I did my magical mathematical calculation of PROFIT, I took a loan from Bank. Got a beautiful modern cattle shed design and constructed through a reputed dairy farm constructor. But within few months, there were lots of challenges and shortfalls in the designs. The cows were not completely comfortable & happy. Labours found certain areas of daily operations very tiring and unnecessarily time-consuming due to cow shed layouts. This made me have a relook at the design which again resulted in lots of changes, reconstruction adding of more cost.


SIMPLICITY = MORE MONEY SAVING. MORE COMFORT. Cows do not need fancy construction.

What they need is a comfortable, healthy & productive environment which keeps them happy. Only a happy cow can be productive.


Third Sin!


REALITY: I was so passionate but blinded with absolutely no wisdom. Due to me following some of the wrong and complicated practices like Complicated expensive feeding practices, in addition, no preventive Health Care approach. Also wrong Breeding complicated practices. Finally, all these came with a huge regular expense & very tiring. As a result, I did not find my cows happy. Nor I could stop my farm caretakers from complaining.



Follow simple practices because in simplicity success is hidden you need to express success through simplicity. Simplify simplify simplify, do not complicate the regular practices.

Cow feeding can be a natural open grazing approach. Natural breeding under the sunshine in a natural way as per the law of nature is the most preferred way. Preventive Healthcare through the healing of natural Herbs, farm grown. Preventive Health Care is the best way to ensure happy and healthy cows. Simplified, less complicated practice means stress-free.

Stress-free cows = more milk and successful dairy farming.

“Wish I had the WISDOM of SIMPLICITY, I could have avoided all the unwanted challenges and stress “…Laxman

Now, You can avoid these 3 SINS. Gain dairy farming wisdom. On this beautiful occasion of Krishna Janmashtami, let’s practice rich ancient wisdom of dairy farming taught by Lord Krishna…

Krishna  Gaupalan was rich with SIMPLICITY!

The golden dairy practices can be observed from the various old pictures, ancient texts.  One can observe the various ancient practices like;

Dairy Farming Golden Practices

Simple music therapy

Flute melodious music was used to create emotional bonding with man and cows. A simple method to DE-STRESS cows, increase milk productivity and overall health.

Dairy Farming Golden Practices

Daily routine HARMONY with Nature-Season ||Dincharya||

Another Simple daily routine that is ||Dincharya|, that define regular practice of cow care based on age, lactation, health status of the cow and seasonality was practised. This created a regular pattern of harmony and comfort for cows leading to dairy prosperity.

Dairy Farming Golden Practices

Simple Open Grazing 

In addition, Simple open grazing feeding practices which gave cow freedom to choose the grasses and Herbs which enriched its health, promote growth, milk productivity and overall well being.

Diary Golden practices

Cow and Calf strong emotional bonding

Furthermore, Krishna practices can be clearly observed with the mother cow and Calf strong emotional bonding. It is clearly established as per today’s science only a stress-free happy cow can be more productive.   

Dairy Golden practices

Preventive Healthcare

One of the Simple preventive Health Care practices were observed like generous use of turmeric, Tulsi, Neem and other herbs are grown in and around the dairy farm. Turmeric paste smearing on the forehead of the cows, on the knee and the foot, was a simple preventive care. Cleaning the udder with turmeric diluted water was a simple practice which provided the natural dose of antibacterial Shield protection against insects and other health challenges. The old Krishna Gopalan believed in the science of Preventive Health Care advocating the regular practice of turmeric diluted water was a simple science to ensure prevention of mastitis and other challenges… Krishna golden dairy practices is a  simple rewarding & cost-effective way to cow dairy farming…

“Let the musical chant awake the dear cow’s, let the sunshine touch & add health, let cows enjoy natural feeding, freedom of natural behaviour, let there be warmth flow of cow-calf bonding, let cows be stress-free. Let there be prosperity to dairy farm. Just a simple ancient wisdom of adding Tulsi leaves in the cow water pond can be a great health drink for cows, healer & health booster. Imagine the benefits & dairy cost efficiency one can achieve if one understands the ancient science & art. Vedic Dairy Farming, natural way… is a boon to dairy farming”

Are you thinking & questioning every step of yours?

Yes, let there be simplicity, simplicity, simplicity in thoughts and actions so that your dairy dream comes true and you harvest dairy success.

Simplicity in dairy farming thoughts and actions the real mantra to dairy success!

Best wishes,

KL Team

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  1. Shubham laddha

    I have started the dairy from last 3 months but didn’t get the result which is shown in mathematical calculation. I am in a delima whether to continue that or not. Pls help I also want to do that business.

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