Experience Gir Cow Behavioral Energy


Experience Gir Cow Behavioral Energy

My 2 Gir cows, Geeta and Yamuna

Different Behaviour. Different Productivity

My Story

Hemant Brij

On one Sunday morning, 24th April I reached my Gir cow dairy farm on the outskirts of Jaipur. I have 11 Gir cows. The moment I walked into my Gir cow dairy farm, it was such a pleasant sight to see my Yamuna looking at me from a long distance.

Darling Gir Cow – Yamuna!

Yamuna stared & moved towards me with all love and affection. The moment I got close to Yamuna, my favourite Gir cow, she licked me on my face and greeted me with her head nodding and caressing my cheeks. Yamuna’s affection makes me feel so special.

Naughty Gir Cow – Geeta!

Geeta is my other naughtiest and difficult to manage Gir cow. Only my oldest farm person Lakhan Lal can manage Geeta. Geeta does not allow rest of the labourers to milk or come close to her. She is a big challenge. If anybody else has to milk, they need to first pamper her with jaggery. They need to tie her legs before milking.


Geeta is very dominant than other cows. She gets into the fight very often with other cows. The most challenging time was during her third lactation. Geeta didn’t show much of maternal, motherly care towards the newborn calf. she was unwilling to take care and feed the little calf. Lakhan Lal had to use various techniques to finally make her accept the calf.

Gir Cow Behaviour: Unspoken Wisdom

Lakhan Lal had advised me long back when I was buying Yamuna & Geeta. After observing, he had told Geeta is a high milk yielding cow but difficult to manage.

Lakhan Lal favourite line was” Chote Sabh, each cow is like an individual. They have their own personalities & behaviours. There are 7 types of cow personalities, my father Krishna Lal used to tell me. You need to observe cow behaviour & select cows with dairy traits. “

I would not understand the rich wisdom of Lakhan Lal. He had advised me for Gir cow dairy farming success, docile, soft-approachable cows are always beneficial as they are easy to manage and handle.


Lakhan Lal was a very seasoned Dairy farmer. He used to tell me there are 7 types of personalities in cows. Some cows are very dominant, they set the rules. Some Gir cows are extremely intelligent they try various new things. Some Gir cows are extremely naughty, do all miss-adventurous things leading to troubles at times. Some Gir cows are highly temperamental, angry ones and show anger with other cows, resist milking and sometimes due to varied reasons do not show much maternal care with the newly born calves.

I never believed in his stories.

Gir Cow Behaviour: Unknow Facts

But in one of the Dairy conference I attended, I met Dr Mukherjee, Professor in Animal Science; I was shocked to know Lakhan lal was right. Dr Mukherjee shared with me some very interesting facts like how cows are extremely intelligent and like humans have individual personalities, they differ from each other.

Dr Mukherjee used to say ” Hemant do you know cows can identify and remember at least 30 to 40 faces. Yes, they are very social beings. They select other cow members as per their comfort and choice. They mingle only with those cows with whom they share comfort and they do not feel comfortable with anybody and everybody. And if you try to unnecessary disturb the cow herd, cows will be under stress which can also affect the productivity. So, if you want to create a successful Gir cow dairy farm you need to ensure you observe the behaviour of cows. Many people just check the milk productivity but never even observe and notice the various behavioural traits of the Gir cows. “

Gir Cow Behaviour: Golden Advice

Dr Mukherjee’s other Golden advice was…

“One of the most important behaviours one needs to observe is the maternal feminine behaviour of the Gir cow. The Gir cow you want to buy needs to be soft and it should not exhibit any aggression to touch, to milking and it should show lot of maternal care which is very important and it is believed can be a big challenge in the dairy farm if you have not selected the Gir cow with right behavioural traits. So, if you want to create a successful Gir cow dairy farm you need to ensure you observe the behaviour of cows. Many people just check the milk productivity, but never even observe and notice the various behavioural traits of the Gir cows… “

Wow! that was a new thing which had never heard that cows can identify faces and have social relationships and personal choices. Made me realise the power & importance of cow behaviour. Now I felt like thanking the ancient wisdom of Lakhan Lal.


If you are planning to buy Gir cows, please know the behaviour TIPS.

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