Dairy Farm Seasonal Demands

Gir Cow Dairy Farming Success Mantra

Dairy Farming Success Mantra

Gir Cow Dairy Farming Success!


||आरोग्य सुरक्षा पध्दती||™

Prevention Is Better Than Cure

Gir Cow Preventive Health Care

Natural. Simple. Low Cost. Practical

Gir Cow Health Tips

Do you know the key reason behind the dairy farming failure is; low milk production, reproductive & other dairy cow health problems which could have been prevented?

 Know 7 simple tips for practising Gir Cow Dairy farm healthcare!

KL Arogya Suraksha Paddhati is based on the powerful philosophy of PREVENTION IS BETTER THAN CURE. One of the main reason for low milk productivity is common cow health problems, which can be avoided by good simple practices.

Simple Vedic TIPS for common cow health  problems;

  1. Mastitis
  2. Skin problems
  3. Foot problems
  4. Stress: Emotional stress & summer heat stress

Vedic wisdom believes in regular DINACHARYA & RITUCHARYA to ensure cows get regular preventive health care instead of addressing the problem only when the health problems occur.

Tip #1: KL ||Gau Dincharya||™

Daily Dairy Farm Routine Practices for Gir Cow Dairy Farm

Daily Dairy Farm Routine

Dairy farm Cows are more comfortable with Timely & organised routine practices. Dairy farm cows get used to regular routine practices & once they build the CONDITION ‘BIO-RHYTHM’; regular dairy management becomes very easy & friendly for labours. Unfortunately, many dairy farms follow ad-hoc, irregular timings in an unorganised way regarding daily routine which confuses the cows.

Gir cow Dairy farm Try to create REGULAR FIXED TIME  in an organised way;

  • Feeding time
  • Milking time
  • Grazing time
  • Socializing time
  • Health Care Routine practices timing etc


Simple. Practical. Low Cost. Natural – Motivating aids for the regular routine dairy farm practices.

For example :

  • Feeding Time: PARTICULAR MUSIC
  • Grazing Time: Specific time
  • Socializing Time: Specific time & place
  • Health Care Routine Practices Timing etc: Preventive health care habits should be practised in a SYSTEMATIC WAY REGULARLY COWS GET USED TO IT. SLOWLY THEY BUILD COMFORT MAKING PREVENTIVE CARE VERY EASY FOR REGULAR EXECUTION. For ex. Spraying Water blended with HALDI/NEEM/ mustard oil at a particular set time makes cow gets used to it.

Tip #2: KL || GAU RITUCHARYA ||™

 Dairy Farm  Practices  As per SEASONAL DEMANDS

for Gir Cow Dairy Farm

Dairy Farm Seasonal Demands

Each season comes with its own set of challenges for DAIRY FARMING. one should be aware of the common seasonal challenges so that one can create a simple effective ritual practice to manage the seasonal challenges from time to time without allowing cows to suffer.

Summer Challenges!

Heat Stress is a big challenge that affects the cow health & milk productivity. Simple practical tips from KL can be evaluated for better seasonal management of dairy farms.

Heat Stress – Vedic Preventive Care

For Gir Cow Dairy Farm Success

  •  Grow shady climbers on the cow shed roof; acts as a natural coolant.
  •  create natural water pools around sheds; keeps area around a cow shed cool, reduces the hot temperature. Hot temperature reduces milk productivity. cows need cool & calm surroundings.
  • Plant shady trees around a cow shed like Neem/ Jackfruit etc; cows enjoy sitting beneath the shade

Winter Challenges! 

Winter brings with a lot of winter seasonal challenges. One needs to have a simple comfort warm area to give adequate protection to cows during winter chill breeze etc. Using simple Blankets/ gunny bag rugs provide warm to cows. Covering cow sheds with tarpaulins is a simple way of preventing chill breezes & extreme cold.

Tip #3: Mastitis – Vedic Preventive Care

For Gir Cow Dairy Farm Success

Mastitis - Vedic Preventive Care

Step  #1: Farm labourers who milk, to ensure they keep their hands clean, disinfected & NO SHARP NAILS. Dipping hands in turmeric diluted water is a simple practice.

Step #2: Cleaning Udder before & after milking with diluted Turmeric water provides naturally.

Tip #4: Skin -Vedic Preventive Care

For Gir Cow Dairy Farm Success

Cow Skin Vedic Preventive Care

  1. Applying turmeric tilak on the Gir cow forehead ensures insect/ticks free face & ears. Apply turmeric on the joints/knees. Is a powerful skin shield
  2. Spray a simple effective mixture of NEEM + TURMERIC + SESAME OIL on the skin twice weekly, keeps insects/ticks away. Skin fresh, shining & healthy.
  3. Grow simple plants like marigolds & tulsi around the cowshed, keeps shed clean from insects
  4. Keep Indian cock & hens around cows; are effective in keeping insects away.

Tip #5: Foot – Vedic Preventive Care

For Gir Cow Dairy Farm Success

Dairy Farm Cow Foot Bathing Tub

Create simple Foot Pool with turmeric water; make cows stand & move through it; keeps hoof clean.

Tip #6: Mouth  – Vedic Preventive Care

For Gir Cow Dairy Farm Success

Mouth Vedic Preventive Care

  1. Feed small pampering ball made of a portion of Dalia + Neem + Ginger + Gud. Acts as a powerful mouth care for gir cows.
  2. Add Neem + Tulsi leaves to drinking water. Acts as health booster tonic for cows.
  3. Create a simple herbal garden around the farm; act as natural preventive health care

Tip #7: Emotional Stress

Vedic Preventive Care For Gir Cow Dairy Farm Success

  • NO harsh sounds from dairy farm labours
  • NO Rough handling of cows
  • NO Using Of Sticks/ Hitting Them/ Hurting Them
  • Managing cows in social herds in which they are comfortable
  • Using pleasing sounds/ languages for managing them is beneficial
  • Naming each cow; makes them feel emotionally happy & belonging

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