How to Calculate Gir Cow Price? | Gir Cow Price in Gujarat

How to Calculate Gir Cow Price?


My Story –  Kiran Kulkarni
March 7th

Gir Cow Price! …

“Please Gagarubhai, reduce the final cost for the gir cow. Same kind of  gir cow with Gopalbhai is less. I think you are asking 15,000 to 20,000 more than the actual market price” said  Kiran

“Kiranbhai, the Gir cow you have selected is 2nd lactation & from the best gir cow Geetanjali & produces minimum 12 litres milk/day. The price I have offered is the best possible. Trust me” replied Gagarubhai.

Above discussions are my regular experiences which I keep coming across during my search for my favourite gir cow breed. I am a gir farm owner. Have started recently the farm & have around 8 gir cows. I have the dream of making a  successful 50 gir cow farm. So, I keep searching for good gir cows & try to negotiate with the sellers.

But buying gir cow at the right price is a very challenging process. Every time I feel confused & helpless, do not understand whether the price quoted is right or high.

Sometimes I feel the price what I have negotiated is right & sometimes I feel I have overpaid.

To find a solution to this problem, I spoke to Devender Kumar, my friend who was the one who introduced me to gir cow farming 2 years back. Devender stays 2km away to my farm & has his own dairy farm of gir cows of around 16. He is still trying to settle his farm.

I asked Devender, please tell me a practical approach how to decide right gir cow price & negotiate for the best price while buying gir cow.

My friend Devender had a simple formula, he said, measure the milk of the cow at least 3 times & if you find the milk is above 7-10 litres, then negotiate. What matters is all about NEGOTIATION SKILL.

My dear friend Devender’s formula for GIR COW PRICE CALCULATION, as narrated by him is as follows:

“Always try to negotiate, first directly ask for 30-40% less than the price offered by the seller. And then observe slowly how the seller behaves & then try to negotiate slowly. If you feel the seller is too firm & not agreeing, then increase your offer by 10-20% more. For ex, If a seller says the gir cow is 80,000, first reduce approx 40% which means approx 30,000 less.

80,000-40% = 50,000

If the seller does not agree then  increase by another 15-20% i.e.

50,000 + 15,000 approx = 65,000.”

But I found the reply more as a smart negotiation skill than a negotiation based on some clear understanding. I asked Devender again ” So, have you been successful in your negotiations“.

Devender reply was “50:50”, meaning sometimes he is able to get sellers to agree to his offer & sometimes NO. What about the quality of gir cow.

Devender reply was again “50:50″… its all about taking a risk …

I said to Devender, SORRY! I do not want to take a risk & just negotiate based on NO UNDERSTANDING.

IS THERE STANDARDISED GIR COW PRICE!                                                                                         

I know there is no standard market price for gir cow. Price varies a lot. But I am still trying to understand some basic way of deciding the best possible way of at least making an approx estimation of a price range.

Challenge is you have sellers advertising for gir cow from 30,000 to 2 lakh plus per cow!

I am still confused, how to decide…..


If you are also in the process of buying gir cow like Kiran & confused, please understand the basic estimation of at least approximate the price range. And what are the key factors that decide pricing range?

Buying of Gir cow is one of the most challenging areas. A good Gir cow breed purchase will help in creating quality herd at your farm. Right Price is a very subjective thing & context based. Gir cow price would differ from situation to situation, place to place, from seller to seller & dependent on buyer’s wisdom, experience, need, urgency and desire.

Join KL Awareness program; provides you with basic awareness so that you can ask the right questions, make the very important observations before you invest your money.

Know the wisdom to ask a right question & think before you act…….



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    1. KL Welcomes You!

      Basically, Gir Cow located in Saurashtra part of Gujarat. One has to visit different Gir Cow Gaushala, Gir Cow developer who may Sale Gir Cow. gir Cow Price may vary as per time, place and condition.

      For more details regarding, How to Calculate Gir Cow Price? with online calculator by which you can have idea of estimate price of Gir Cow based on Gir Cow Price Effecting Factors, kindly refer to KL unique awareness programme – “Gir Cow – Where to Buy? Right Price? How to Select?“.

      Best wishes
      KL team

  1. Ramesh Umbartharu

    Amazing simplicity! Love surrendering self to Mother Nature & Gau! Thanks so much KL

  2. Today, I realized that I am on right Thinking Track to Build Goshala in most Simpalest way, Grazing should be in Gochar Bhumi full of Medicinal plants useful for Gomata. After reading this I am so Happy. Thanks KL Team for your perfect Guidance.

    1. Namaste Yogesh ji,
      KL welcomes you!
      Thanks for your appreciation. Enjoy the ancient wisdom on diary practices.
      Best wishes
      KL Team

    1. Namaste
      KL welcomes you!
      There are limitations to transport Gir Cow from India to Nepal. So, it’s more advisable to start with your local native cow breed in Nepal. Regarding Cow Dairy Farming Loan, you have to look for what support your local Government provides.
      Kindly explore the ancient wisdom on diary practices.
      Best wishes
      KL Team

  3. I want to start Gir cow dairy farm with 15 cattle. But i dont hve idea where to buy cow. ?
    And milk production of Gir cow per day ?
    Please help me.

    1. Namaste Rajiv Shah ji,

      KL welcomes you!

      Before you purchase Gir Cow, Kindly explore KL Gir Cow Awareness Program before you think purchase of gir cow.

      One can find Valuable tips on gir cow selection, indicative estimated prices & important areas detailed, which might answer your queries.

      Best wishes
      KL Team

    1. Namaste Rajesh ji,

      KL welcomes you!

      KL working on offline training program or learning base where a person can come and learn practically.

      Best wishes,
      KL Team

  4. Hi KL groups, I am planning to start dairy farm ,is GIR Cow can adopt Andhra Pradesh coastal area climate.Can i start dairy farm with GIR cow in Andhra Pradesh

  5. Pranam. I am from Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala. Have been dreaming of Desi Cow dairy farm for quite sometime. Will the Awareness course help me get all necessary details ? Like buying the right Gir cow, feed management, disease management. Please advice

    1. Namaste Rakesh ji

      KL Welcomes You!

      As per your query, Gir Cow Awareness Program surly assist you in three areas, Website Link for Where Gir Cow Located in Gujarat e.g. Gir Gaushala (Gujarat) Database etc. From this, you will have an idea where to look for Gir Cow in Gujarat. You can find Valuable tips on gir cow selection, indicative estimated prices & important areas detailed. Gir Cow’s Feed or disease management are subject to be separate awareness program in future.

      Kindly explore KL Gir Cow Awareness Program before you think purchase of Gir Cow.

      Best wishes
      KL Team

    1. Namaste Govind Singh ji,

      KL welcomes you!

      KL gives Concept, Tips and other Do & Don’t which could be us by any Dairy Farmer. So, kindly explore KL First Golden Step to Successful Dairy Farming before you think to Start Dairy Farming (of any cow breeds).

      After going through above program, willing to go for Gir Cow then kindly consider our second program Gir Cow Awareness Program before you think purchase of gir cow.


      Best Wishes,
      KL Team

  6. Dear KL Team, Would you please send me a contact number so that I can contact with you to clarify my query quickly and decide the course and other issues? You can share the contact number in my mail.







    1. Namaste Yadav ji,
      KL Welcomes You!
      Kindly let us know if you need any information.
      Best Wishes,
      KL Team

  8. आप के द्वारा समझायी हुई जानकारी मुझे समझ आई है, इस के के हम हृदय से आप का धन्यवाद करते हैं ? ?, आप female and male calf age 6 month, 1 year ke liye price or food की जानकारी प्रदान करने के कृपा करें ? ?

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