Increase gir cow milk 7 wonder herbs

Increase Gir Cow Milk Naturally


Natural. Simple. Low Cost. Ancient Ways.

Let’s open our THIRD EYE,|| Trinetra||, EYE OF WISDOM, to understand the power & benefits of NATURE. As humans, we usually exhibit superficial behaviour. We do not think deeply, we try shortcut methods instead of a simple natural way.

Gir Cow is known the world over for its milk quality  & quantity.  Today, in Gir cow dairy farming, many blindly follow complicated, expensive dairy practices for increasing cow milk productivity. Rampant misuse of antibiotics, other medicines have been reported, which might cause side effects. Blind practices of expensive concentrate feed without understanding the nutrition needs of Gir cows further burdens dairy farm. Frequent Mastitis problems result in cow discomfort & huge loss to dairy. Unfortunately, all these results in dairy farm loss & failure

Lord Shiva’s, ||Trinetra||, symbolises Eye of wisdom.

We can take a deeper understanding, by opening our third eye the eye to unfold the wisdom which is very critical in the Welfare of cow and ensure cows stay healthy & happy.

KL believes in the philosophy of; ||Trinetra Gyan||™ – THIRD EYE, Seek the True wisdom, instead of superficial and shortcut approaches that do not ensure long-term success.

Let’s increase milk quantity and quality naturally, in simple, low cost, the ancient way…!




||Trinetra Gyan||™

THIRD EYE – Eye of true wisdom

Seek the True wisdom…..

Krishna leela ||Trinetra Gyan||™;  is a beautiful ancient wisdom which believes in the power of 3 Energy  Zones & the 7 wonder herbs.

Know the Ancient wisdom – THREE ENERGY ZONES in gir cow which influences milk productivity






Gir cow emotional happiness is very critical. Emotional energy is the most powerful energy on earth. Only happy gir cows with positive energy can produce good quality & more quantity. Gir cows which are under stress productivity falls. Along with right dairy practice & comfortable cowshed planning, it’s important to understand the power of Nature. Nature provides a beautiful HEALING TOUCH. There are Ayurvedic plants which are known as ‘Happy Herbs’ that de-stress and induce happiness.


Ashwagandha, Tulsi, Ginger, Pudina.

Ashwagandha is a powerful Ayurvedic herb.

Ashwa = HORSE. Ganda = SMELL.

Ashwagandha meaning ‘SMELL of a HORSE’ , symbolically represent strength of horse.  In Ayurveda it is believed to provide the energy of an horse,  having multiple health benefits.

Tulsi is known as the Queen of Herbs,  the most powerful incomparableHerbs in Ayurveda. It has multiple benefits, DE-STRESS herb, immunity booster and an insect repellent.

Ginger & Pudina with there healing medicinal aromatic properties provide great energy booster to cows. It is beneficial to know & enjoy the  healing power of happy Herbs. These simple plants help in adding JOY around  the  atmosphere  with  their  medicinal & aromatic power.



Good digestive health is the FOUNDATION for overall  health.

Only cows with healthy digestion can convert feed into milk. Good digestive system only can convert feed into Good quantity and quality milk. So it is important to maintain and support good digestive health. Some of the powerful digestive herbs are Aloe Vera and Ginger.

2 famous digestive herbs

These are simple herbs which can grow around the  farm adding great benefits to Gir cow dairy farming. They help in healthy digestion, Cow rumen well-being.


Zones 3 : UDDER IMMUNITY  Energy

Only gir cow’s with good udder  immunity can stay healthy & produce more milk quantity & better milk quality. Only when the Udder has better immunity and resistance to infection it can produce good quality and quantity of milk.

The famous Herbs which are known to support good Udder health are Shatavari, Drumstick, Turmeric and Garlic. These herbs believed to enhance immunity, hormonal wellbeing.

The three power energy zones influence milk productivity and quality! So, it is important to ensure right practice and environment to provide healthy well being for cows.


So, instead of complicated & expensive practices for Gir cow dairy farming, welcome the ancient wisdom & power of 7 WONDER HERBS.



HERBS in Moderate consumption are beneficial. Anything excess is not healthy. Poly-herbal supplement self feed practice aids in Cow milk production.

  1. Shatavari
  2. Ashwagandha
  4. Ginger/aloe vera
  5. Drumstick
  6. Garlic
  7. Tulsi

In ancient days by very virtue of strong belief in herbs, there used to be polyherbal patches around the regular grasslands. One could see the beautiful aromatic Tulsi, Pudina growing in & around the pasture.

One could see the rich digestive herb aloe vera and Ginger sprouting here and there. Some of the ginger rhizome roots emerging out of the soil and the green juicy aloe vera inviting the grazing cows.

One would see various herbs & plants intermingled with each other spread across acres of grassland.

Ashwagandha, Neem, Amla, Guduchi-Giloy, Gokshura, Shatavari growing heavenly across patches of pasture grasslands.

The mother earth was a fertile ground of Nourishment and ancient dairy farming believed in one simple philosophy simplicity and let food be the source of Nourishment & natural medicine as well.

‘FOOD’ is one of the critical factor for Gir cow growth, health, productivity . Also. Cow feed in confined dairy farm adds to almost 50% of the cost. So, dairy farms & start-ups need to explore opportunities for dairy farm set-up around the city outskirts, which can provide ample grazing opportunity & also within easy  distance of around 15 to 20km from the city, one can manage the selling of milk as-well. This will help in dairy farming without incurring too much cost on the feed.

One of the major challenges  faced is the CAPITAL INVESTMENT REQUIRED for purchasing grazing lands. It does not  make commercial sense to invest on large grazing lands.However, there are smart ways like without investing heavy capital, it’s always smart to first explore LEASING/RENTING agriculture lands. One can avail agriculture lands at nominal monthly rental which provides ample scope for fodder management & organic farming as well.

Keshav sharma, practices gir cow dairy farming on the outskirts of bangalore, around 25km away from the city.

I have taken agriculture lands on rent at nominal monthly  fee for 3 year lease. NO loan & NO too much investment. With help of ayurvedic professor , I grow rotational feeds, fodder trees &  herb patches containing polyherbal patches of aloe vera, Tulsi, Neem, pudina, Amla, Ginger, Guduchi-Giloy, Gokshura, Shatavari, drumstick turmeric and garlic etc. My Gir cows enjoy these herbal patches. My Gir cow health problems have reduced & have seen great improvement in milk production. Besides I also sell these herbs & get additional income. Creating herbal patches within the farmland is beneficial & provides preventive health care, boosts milk naturally.”

Cows were created and designed to enjoy open grazing.

Unfortunately, current dairy practices as moved away from the rich ancient wisdom. Ancient wisdom followed 3 powerful Cow feeding practices. Firstly, OPEN NATURAL GRAZING was the norm. In open grazing, cows enjoyed freedom of ‘SELECTIVE FEEDING’; each cow had the choice of selective feeding. They fed on grasses & herbs which were naturally available under the rich sunshine & helpful for their health, growth & productivity. They relaxed & enjoyed the grazing under the open sky. Human interference was bare minimum. Man did not interfere in deciding the quantity & quality of feed for cows. Cows were MASTERS OF THEIR CHOICE & CHOSE THE FEED AS PER THEIR REQUIREMENT.

Now, its time to evaluate & explore this polyherbal cultivation intermixed with crops. This will act as natural milk booster in increasing the Gir cow milk productivity.

Try to explore the important herbs based on ancient wisdom & simple cost-effective practices which supports in a miraculous way the overall health and well being of cows increasing the quality and quantity of milk production.

Leela of Wonder Herbs!

Interested to know more On Gir cow!



Gir Cow Online Video Program




33 thoughts on “Increase gir cow milk 7 wonder herbs”

  1. Harsh Vardhana Charan

    Sir very useful information . This information really encourages many other farm holder also and I am promise that i am spread this information to all the farmers I knew and also to farm holder .

    1. Namaste Harsh Vardhana ji,
      KL welcomes you!
      Thanks for your appreciation. Enjoy the ancient wisdom on diary practices.
      Best wishes
      KL Team

  2. Ravi Agarwal

    Sir I am having farm land with herbs like Tulsi,Aloevera, shatawari,Amla. So how much quantity I can give to a Gir Gau Mata per day.

    1. Namaste Ravi ji,
      KL welcomes you!

      Herbs are powerful supplements.

      Everyday add handful of tulsi leaves in the water bunk. This is believed to purify water and provides immunity aswell to cows.

      2.Other herbs
      Mix all of them ;chop into medium sized.
      Add 2 handful of mixed herbs into the cow feed/cow.

      Regular small qty of Herbs act as Health booster believed to help better growth, Reproductive -udder Health and increase in milk production.

      Please share your experience & observations after 10 days.

      Best wishes
      KL Team

      1. Barinder Bir

        please give idea for cow shed with that it would be easy for us to go in vedic way

      2. Thanks for the information. Do we have any practical data of the total formulation of each herb and feeding these mix of herbs by how much percentage has the milk increased?

    1. Namaste
      KL welcomes you!
      Thanks for your appreciation. Enjoy the ancient wisdom on diary practices.
      Best wishes
      KL Team

    1. Namaste
      KL welcomes you!

      Yes, ancient wisdom on dairy farming believed in making use of the nature’s gift of Herbs for Preventive Health Care & Milk Productivity.

      KL Team

  3. Pramod Kumar Mishra

    Dear Sir! I have gone through your web site.I’m interested to learn about Vedic vastu of cow shed.Please let me know how it could be done.Thanks,Pramod k Mishra Bhopal 9926345868

    1. Namaste Harshit ji

      KL welcomes you!

      Dairy farms experiencing extreme winter, windbreaks in the form of warm cloth curtains/gunny rug screens & 3 side closed COW HUT, shall help cows in keeping themselves warm.

      Kindly explore KL Vedic Panchabhoot Cow Shed Program to learn more.

      Best wishes
      KL Team

  4. Dairy farming is a good business but like all other business it have there own challenges and you try to introduce it. your effort is valuable.

    1. Namaste Sneha ji,

      KL welcomes you!

      Thanks for your appreciation. Enjoy the ancient wisdom on diary practices.

      Best wishes
      KL Team

  5. Jai Gomata, Jai Gopal,
    I have a two side open rectangular 900 Sq. Ft. plot of land (L-60 Ft X B-15 Ft) in a village in outskirts of Delhi. I have Electricity but no sewage facility. I want to set up a small family Goshala there with 1/2 Mother Cow+ 1/2 Calf. Could you please help/guide me, under the given space restrictions) to get the best lay-out plan. Please share the contact details/phone numbers in my email. I shall happily pay for the Sewa/Consultancy.
    I was waiting for reply for my query posted 2 days back which seems to have been deleted for unknown reasons. Please don’t delete my this comment and revert at the soonest.
    Hare Krishna

    1. Namaste
      KL Welcomes you !

      As we receive hundreds of mail queries on dairy farming, it is currently not possible to provide individual consultancy .
      We suggest you to make use of the rich vedic wisdom information available on cow shed construction in the KL Vedic dairy farming programs;

      1. Free Vastu Tips for Cow shed construction :

      2. Awareness Program on Vedic cow shed construction || PCS SUTRA|| ;

      Kindly refer to the above for your evaluation.

      KL wishes you best in your dairy farm journey.

      Best wishes,
      KL Team

  6. baikani yadav

    Hello sir in what quantity we should give these herbs to each cow ….Please forgive if any mistake done

    1. Dear Daniel Baikani Yadav ji,

      KL Welcomes You!

      You can give a handful of all herbs once in a day.

      Best Wishes,
      KL Team

    1. Namaste Sunil ji,
      KL Welcomes You!
      Generally, one hand full of all will be enough for a day.
      Best Wishes,
      KL Team

  7. लाजवाब आर्टिकल था ! बहुत अच्छा इनफार्मेशन था !
    काफी अच्छे से अपने लिखा है इस आर्टिकल को विस्तार के साथ

  8. Dear Sir,
    We have a farm 15km from Hosur with about 45 Gir cows.. Can you help us with any suppliers of sataveri and ashwaganda in / near Bangalore / Hosur?

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