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Jignesh Dalwadi

Technical, Content, Ethics,
Commercial & Security

He is fondly addressed by his friends as Das ji. He is a dairy farming enthusiast, follower of ISKCON and Vedic wisdom. Earlier he has been part of ISKCON social movement in providing  free educational services in villages. He shares immense passion towards dairy farming, is doing a noble service & playing integral role in spearheading KL vision and philosophy.

Rich panel of authors, from across India. Very committed & creative author team, writing passionately to share the ancient wisdom on dairy farming in a very simple, friendly & engaging manner. The content development effort is to benefit dairy starters and practitioners.

Team Strength :  16

(Individual Author profile development under construction.)

If you also enjoy writing, like to write short stories – articles – blogs on anything related to dairy farming, KL welcomes you!… Start now! Share & let the world  know. YOU DON’T HAVE TO BE AN PROFESSIONAL AUTHOR. Volunteer & be part of social wisdom movement.

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Research enthusiast

Panel with keen interest in understanding ancient wisdom practice and tools that would redefine Dairy farming. Rich panel of volunteers working tirelessly to discover ancient wisdom,share information and valuable tips based on strong Research Foundation on ancient dairy  practices.

Team Strength: 7

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Specialist and Experts across varied areas of dairy farming coming together for the benefit of dairy starters & practitioners. Specialists in Dairy Farm planning, Cowshed designing, Cow selection, Fodder planning, Breeding, Healthcare, Marketing etc rendering noble service by sharing rich tips helping a great social cause for cow care and Dairy Success. If you are a practitioner related to dairy farming, interested in sharing wisdom for the noble cause, KL welcomes you!

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Creative Minds at their best. Eminent designers across India showcasing the ancient wisdom in a very captivating visual language. Aim is to leave a long lasting impression on your mind for a fruitful journey in the world of the dairy farming. If you  are  a website /digital  designer/Apps developer and  share similar passion  for dairy farming, KL welcomes you!

Volunteer & be part of  the noble social movement.

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Legal & Trademark Specialist Vision

Team of expert panel managing legal and trademark copyrights, Intellectual property rights of the rich treasure of KL wisdom. KL appreciates their valuable services.

Online Training Team Vision

Service  oriented  team working hard to make your  learning experience  enjoyable, easy & memorable.

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